Sunday, October 27, 2013

Grasshoppers and Crickets

 Above: A nice job by my 5th grade student. Below: My 9- year-old student's cricket.
My little entomology class studied grasshoppers and crickets. We used a finish-the-drawing exercise for art on the day we studied crickets. I just found a good illustration on line, cut it in half, and printed the half onto papers for the kids to finish. I thought they might have trouble, but they just dived right in and did a great job. I was impressed with how simple and effective this project was.
I gave them toy cricket clickers that I bought on-line. They were fun. Interesting fact: Clickers were used in WWII to covertly identify friend from foe. A soldier would click once and if two clicks were returned the other soldier was friendly.
 We also made grasshoppers out of clothes pins. (Above W's grasshopper and cricket.)
My 5-year-old student did an amazing job on his cricket, and drew his own great grasshopper too.

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  1. Enjoying your entomology posts! Your projects are great, of course.