Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dragonfly Fun

In our entomology class we were studying dragonflies. I like to Google the insect we are covering and look for craft ideas and activities. Dragonflies are so cool anyway, and we did some fun dragonfly crafts. We learned a little basic macramĂ© with t-shirt yarn to make our first dragonflies. We added a loop under some of them so they could ride on hands and fly around. The instructions I liked are here.

We used the flat sides of old milk cartons to make "stained glass" dragonflies. I pre-outlined a dragonfly picture with black permanent markers, and the kids colored them in with colored permanent markers while I read aloud from their textbook. Let dry a bit or the markers will smear. If you have more time or older kids they could copy out the dragonfly themselves. Cut out when dry and hang in a window or from a lamp. I first saw this idea here.

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