Monday, April 14, 2014

Bees, Horses and Negative Space

We have moved on to bees in our entomology study. We like to watch short videos when appropriate. Anything Richard Attenborough narrates is usually our first choice.
We bowed to the beautiful weather this week and took a walk during music class. Got to see the horses and kitties that live near our co-op meeting place and soak up some sun!
We made some pipe cleaner bumble bees as our quiet busy work while I read text. Google provided instructions.
Our art explored negative space. We outlined recognizable objects and colored in the outside of them. New thoughts about what makes art. Idea found on

Top down: Ian, Gideon, Tessie, Elea, Whitney


  1. Love it! Seems like a long time ago with the new snow outside...

  2. I love the horse picture on the blog. Truly, the best of homeschooling!!
    I have really been impressed by your etymology class and all the cute projects you have done.
    Add it to your resume!