Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Briscoe Museum

M. and I visited the Briscoe Western Museum on one of the rainy afternoons when we were in San Antonio.
This two-sided sculpture had a Native American with a buffalo herd on one side and a cowboy and long horn cattle herd on the other.
Western art
This was our favorite picture. Detail of Eagle Dancer Patawatomi by Z.S Liang
Detail of Red Tailed Hawk at Sappa Creek by Sandy Scott

There was an interesting display of ornate and historical spurs.
A Spanish field hat-wool and rabbit covered with pitch and beeswax-1780
Detail of Missionary art
Ornate saddle detail
Santa Anna's sword hilt-1852
Silk-embroidered Spanish Viceroy saddle-1600's
Mexican hand-crafted inlaid guitar-1858
Alamo cannon.

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