Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pink Hedgie

How about a simple pink polymer clay Hedge Hog for Valentines Day? I am helping a friend with her daughter's Valentine's party. The theme is cute hedge hogs. I worked up this little clay guy to make as one of the crafts.

 A marble can be used inside to reduce the amount of clay needed.
 Wrap the marble (if used) and roll the clay into a ball after working it to soften and condition it.
 Gently pinch and turn until one end of the ball makes a tear drop shape.
 Tip the point up slightly and press the bottom of the teardrop onto a flat surface to make it sit well.
Use a scissor to snip hedgie  bumps on his back. I did one on the top centered over his nose with one snip on each side of that, then a second row behind that, placing them between the front snips. Add one or two more rows across the back. (Reference first picture.)

I used a wire snip to cut coated pins shorter for the nose and eyes. Bake according to package directions. I have linked this to the craft round-ups at Skip to My Lou and Creative Jewish Mom.

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