Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mardi Gras Mosaics

My Art Girls. (Missing two.)
This week my Art Girls did a project I call Mardi Gras Mosaics, both because Lent just started this week and because we used all those leftover, cheezy Mardi Gras necklaces. I collected second hand ones and also found them at the dollar store. (Sometimes cheaper than I found them at the thrift store!)  I also bought old picture frames from thrift stores for about $1-2 each. I had a bunch of pony beads and tiny assorted beads in my stash that we used to fill in with and add interest and variety. Then all you need is some tacky glue that will dry clear.
I took the glass out of the frames and cut some plain cardboard to insert if necessary. You could also paint the cardboard white. The frames were approximately 11 x 14 size. It took a LOT of necklaces, but you could also do this project with smaller frames.
We spread the glue out with cardboard chunks. I think next time we would just glue up smaller sections as they worked. Most started in the middle and worked out which seems like a good design plan for this project.

Here is a starter and finished picture. We re-glued some from the top after they were done arranging their beads. The glue will dry clear. (Below: Those white glue lines will go away.)

They all had their own ideas and style. The results were delightful.

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