Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Home from Dublin

Monday morning we got up early and were picked up by our authentic Irish cabbie, a darling man who had been in the service and had been to America for training many years ago.
We headed to the airport and checked in. After several fiascoes, we finally arrived home on Wed. afternoon. A  mechanical problem with the plane, a missed connection, windy weather delays and lost luggage. We had a couple extra nights in motels (Dublin and London) and a few more authentic meals while we waited for the next leg home.
I entertained myself by looking for redheads in the airports while we waited.
 This was the cutest redhead I saw.

We spent a good amount of time watching airline personnel peer into their computers. (Red Irish hair.) When we got home, we found a clean house, fresh baked cookies, and chocolates on our pillows with a welcome home note and three sweet girls. Ahhhh.

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