Monday, June 29, 2015

Sorting and Eliminating

My computer gets pretty full with all the photos we load onto it. We often take 500-700 photos a month. I try to copy everything to CD and then empty my memory card, and then sort and eliminate a good portion of them from my computer files. It has become even more important since Husband got the drone. We have to make a plan for managing all that data soon! I am a bit behind, and just finished editing year 2013. I've been finding some favorites, so I will post a few of them.
 by L.
 by A.
 by L.
 by J. at Reptile Gardens
 by J at Reptile Gardens
 by J. Black Hills, SD
 by J. Wyoming
 by J. Montana
 by J. Montana
by M.
by J. Dallas, TX

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