Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Random Favorites

A few (a bunch of) very random favorites that I pulled out when reducing the number of photos on our computer.
 With Great niece Noel. 2012
 by Brian.
 At Jess/Tom wedding.
 At Jess/Tom wedding.
 At Adam and Lenora wedding. MN (2012)
 Miss Olive birthday. (niece and sister clone)
 Buds at a birthday.
 My darling in-law women.
 by Diane S.
 by Brian
 Aunt Marilyn, my buddy 2012

 Family favorite at the river. 2010
 Samantha graduates nurse's training.
 Throwback to Senior royalty candidates. 1979
 Buddies from birth. 2012
 At Ashley and Steve wedding. 
 Made for each other. (Adam and Lenora wedding.)2012
 My fam at Christmas. 2013
 Our kids at Christmas. 2013
 Buddy Rebecca. 2014
 At Sarah and Steven wedding. 2013
 September birthdays at Hu Hot. 2013
 Formerly un-seen selfies. 2014

 Brother Aaron and Viva 2014
 Gram's 80th and grandkids 1977/8?
Crazy cuz's 2014

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