Friday, August 21, 2009

Contact Paper Stained Glass

This is a slightly different version of the nature "stained glass" circles. (See earlier post.) We did these a couple of years ago during our annual drama camp. I precut contact paper (2 per child) and ripped a bunch of tissue paper squares in various colors. Since our theme that day was kites, I also pre-cut black paper into a kite frame. An exacto knife will cut through several pages at a time. Place on a stack of newspapers or old magazines to cut.

To make the project, peel the backing off of one sheet of contact paper (sometimes I pre-bend an edge of the backing and fold it over so it is easy to peel during the project.) Tape the top and bottom edges to the table, sticky side up, with masking tape. Instruct children to cover the sticky paper with torn tissue paper. When they are done, peel backing off of another contact paper and place sticky side down on the decorated paper taped to the table. Seal together by rubbing, removing masking tape before sealing pages together. Glue or tape the black frame to one side of the contact paper. Trim if necessary. Hang in a window. Vary frame design as necessary with project. (Leaf or pumpkin for fall, a cross at Easter, etc.) I have used this for Sunday School and Bible School projects also.

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