Saturday, August 22, 2009

Soapy Wooly Fun

Daughter M and Daughter L went to friend Ann's 10th birthday party yesterday. Ann's mom Linda spins wool from their own sheep, and the girls got to make felted wool soaps during the party. I only wish I had gone too! (Linda has promised to teach me to felt!) The wool was dyed with kool-aid to get these great colors. L and Rachel (Ann's sis) helped card it for the younger kids. It was a great take-home and craft to learn. The soaps can be used as pre-soaped washcloths in the shower. They would also make great gifts.
We gave Ann the Martha books, by Melissa Wiley (of the Little House Series-unabridged version now out of print) which tell of Laura Ingalls' Great Grandmother Martha who grew up in the Scottish Highlands as the daughter of a laird. One of the things Martha did in these books was to card and spin wool. Last year, these books were a favorite read-aloud series in our school.

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