Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Yesterday was my dad's birthday, and today is mine. Here is a picture of him and my mom with my little sister who had a birthday a couple of weeks ago. She must have been about one or two. She is 34 now! This morning on the phone she pointed out that I am half a century old! Wow! Thanks Sis!

These pictures are some of me when I was a kid. In the first one I was six, the next I was maybe seven. The last one was taken at my Aunt Marilyn's when I was nine. I'm sure my cousin K. will remember this look. (Check out those pants!)

My birthday started out this morning with breakfast in bed from my girls! The big girls got me this beautiful Peruvian bird sculpture from Ten Thousand Villages. My "Baby" made me a darling bunny with tea and carrots sculpture. Husband left me a book, tea and card under my pillow when he left for Washington, DC on Sun.

And now we are leaving for a mystery supper arranged by A.

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  1. Happy Happy Happy Birthday!! Your little sister looks just like W. in that photo! You will love Three Cups of Tea if you haven't read it yet! Next year I will be half a century old!