Thursday, March 17, 2011

Felt Easter Fun

A few more Easter bunnies. On the second picture of the two hot pink bunnies, I redesigned the second one to suit my own tastes. On the third picture, note the tail. I did a traditional pom pom, but used small cut strips of felt instead of yarn. Line them up and sew through the middle and wrap around with thread. Pull tight and trim to make a cut tail you can sew on. In the last picture I drew my own pattern. His tail is just a bump in the pattern that I clipped and fluffed. Very simple and works pretty well. This pattern has separate ears that are stitched on each side before sewing the two body pieces together. I leave the bottoms open so they can be used for finger puppets. If you made them bigger, they could go over eggs. You could also stuff them and sew up the bottom. (See earlier post, "Spring Happiness" for basic pattern links.)

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