Monday, March 21, 2011

Bryant and May

I love to read. This is a great series that I have recently found. My friend Caitilyn likes it too, and so I KNOW it has merit, because she has so much more going on in the literary department than I do. (Those are her girls in the last post about piano.)

These books by Christopher Fowler are a quirky take on historical/modern mystery fiction, peopled with unusual, likeable and nearly believable characters. A complete fictional community is created along with enjoyable forays into present day and historical London. Really great writing. Slyly humorous. Read them in order if you can, but they can also be "stand alone" reading.

For example:

"Everyone talks about the unpredictable weather in London, but it actually has a faintly discernable pattern. At this time of the year, the second week in May, caught between the dissipation of winter and the failed nerve of spring, the days were drab, damp and undecided, the evenings clear and graceful, swimming pool blue melting to heliotrope, banded altostratus clouds forming with the setting of the sun. You can forgive a lot when a dim day has a happy ending."

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