Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Happiness!

Spring is coming! I just KNOW it! So: I am making some Easter bunnies to welcome it. I have been enjoying felt and embroidery for my "art" of choice lately. I sent my Valentine hearts post to a favorite felt blog (Felt-o-rama) and they have featured me today! I am so excited! I love reading the comments. Validation is always a nice thing. Good for the soul, you might say!

These patterns are from Sandy Jackson and Martha Stewart. The embellishments are mine. W. thinks we could alter the bunny finger puppets and make other animals. I DO think so. She is such a puppet aficionado.


  1. There are soo cute, and congrats on being featured on felt-o-rama!
    Of course, only in South Dakota we go to the kitchen door to say goodbye to Husband and upon seeing a snow covered, below freezing world we say "What a nice day"! It almost fees like Spring may come!

  2. Very cool to be featured at Felt-o-Rama. Congrats!