Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tiny Russian Nesting Dolls

The tiny Russian nesting dolls I made for Valentine's favors were made on wooden egg blanks. I went to the store looking for peg dolls, but thought these egg shapes fit the purpose better. I started out painting 4-5 eggs with a base color of choice. Then, I painted a small round face. Next I painted a cowl or head scarf of another color, and on some of them I painted an apron. Face and hair are next, then scarf and shawl details.

I made 40 little dolls. Here are close ups of all of them.


  1. Thanks. They were very fun to make.

  2. Those are amazing! They are not peg dolls -- they're "egg dolls!!!"

    Thank you for sending me the link :-)

  3. Very cute! Great Easter Egg idea! www.therussianstore.com

  4. Sooooooooo wonderful! Thank you for sharing a beautifully-executed, fantastic idea!