Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine Banquet

Last night the men of our church had the annual Sweetheart Banquet to honor the women. We think they have been having this banquet for about 30 years now.

We usually have a theme based on a small favor that I make. This year the favors were tiny "Russian Nesting Dolls" painted on wooden egg shapes. The theme was: "It's What's Inside That Counts."

There is always some kind of program, sometimes it is "homegrown": The Oldlyweds Game, jokes and games, identify the knees. Sometimes the entertainment is "brought in": a singer, piano concert, band, slide show. This year, because of our pastor's "connections", we had Boyd B. a locally famous guitar player and singer who has play with Kenny Putnum.
Here are the 40 matryoshka (Russian Nesting) dolls I made as favors. I will do a separate post on them later.

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