Monday, September 30, 2013

Camp Crafts

Every year at family camp, I try to have some crafty project for the kids to work on if they want to. This year I brought T-shirt crafts. We made t-shirt bags. (Above and 4th picture.) There are lots of tutorials on line.
We also made headbands from t-shirt yarn. I pre-made yarn from old t-shirts in colors that I thought would be popular. I put my own twist on the tutorials I read. I bought a batch of hair "twisties" at the dollar store then knotted and tied the three braiding yarns (about 24" is a good length to try) to one. Loop the twisty over something (your own big toe works great!) and braid until the right length. Tie the knotted end to the other end of the twisty, and you're done! You can braid a single or a double or as many as you like onto each twisty. You could also just leave off the twisty because the t-shirt yarn is stretchy, but there is more give with the twisty. Trim your ends better than we did, or leave them really long and dangly down your back.

After they had made the first ones for themselves, the teens decided they wanted headbands too, so the girls made a bunch more in custom colors for the bigger kids.
 (Karl), M. Thomas, Nicole
 James, Ann, Canaan, Annie, Katie
Bret, Laura, James, Ann
 Group teen picture-with and without headbands

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