Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Panama Day Trip

 Another morning in Panama, and a Panama cat by the pool.
One day three other ladies from our group and I took a day trip to Panama City. This involved a 45 minute cab (van) ride to the city. The driver took us around to shopping and sights and stayed with us the whole day.
 These two pictures show Panama City skyline.

These two photos look toward the Pacific entrance to the Canal. Note all the ships of various sizes waiting for their turn through the Canal.

The photo above is looking away from the Pacific Canal entrance. These islands were formed by the soil removed in the digging of the Canal.
 Everyone was fascinated by this spiral building.
Driving in Panama is very intuitive. Our driver only used his blinker twice all day, each time to indicate a turn that would stop the flow of traffic completely. Otherwise the rule everywhere seemed to be "merge".

The streets were narrow and the building were colorful. Things looked dirty, but a lot of that is from the damp.

This was an University on a point of land. Around the perimeter of the walkway were booths for shopping.
ussec photo

ussec photo
Our driver ordered this stew for dinner. We asked what it was and he said beef stomach and vegetables. Served with rice. Below is what I had. We were missing beef from all the smorgasboards at the hotel.

This visually striking bridge crossed the entrance to the locks. You can see into them below with a large tanker heading in.


  1. I forgot to tell you how much Steve and I are enjoying the Panama pics. Very good info there-the pics are awesome. The kitty at the pool could have been one of your cats. All the clouds above the city skyline-was that pollution do you suppose?


  2. Love the pics, and love love love the doorways. I once bought a book simply titled- Doors- Still one of my favorites. Jealous of all of your fun travel....maybe Dan needs to consider being a farmer:) (he would love it-especially if he got to gab with Kevin alot)-Jules