Tuesday, September 17, 2013

School Starts

School has started, although we are still coming up to speed. We will cover the usual stuff at home-math, spelling, English, science grammar, handwriting, composition- and have some interesting outside classes-psychology, history, entomology, art, logic, Lord of the Rings lit, Shakespeare,  classical lit,  home ec, and our usual piano and ballet. Please note, not all girls have all classes. We are not superwomen.

W. took advantage of the nice weather and read aloud her music history paper to her animal class members.
I have this cute little class for art and entomology this year. The first week we made glow in the dark bug jars and torn paper bugs to go with our study. The aqua bug with the big eye is W's.

L. and M. have art with Friend Ana.
Three of us came in matching tops the first day. Another matched also, but we never got a chance to take a second picture after classes started.

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  1. Last year I did a bugs and art class. I like the name Art ana Entymology better!-Jules