Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tea Crafts, Etc.

How about some crafts? I am going back and checking into my pictures for things that still need posting. Here are a few crafts I worked on recently.

I made this bird's nest tea cup (and the tea picture below) for a girlfriend's recent birthday. The tea cup was vintage, and the bird and floral stuff I had around the house. When I got the bird nest the way I wanted it, I thought there was not enough color on the inside of the cup. I took a couple permanent markers and drew some freehand lines around the inside rim. Since this will likely never be washed, they should last just fine.
The tea picture was just a silhouette of a tea cup that I traced on scrap material. I beaded in the shape with tiny beads, then made a tiny tea tag from an edge of my real tea bag tags. I attached the tag with a piece of thread and a dab of glue. After framing it, it still needed "something" so I added the Scrabble-type wood letters. I had them in my stash of craft "stuff" that people have handed down to me. I think they were from scrap booking supplies and are smaller than the real scrabble letters. The whole picture was small, about 2 1/2 x 3 1/2. I buy the little frames at random when I am thrifting. I think this one was bright (ugly) yellow before painting.
I made this light-up marquee sign for our friends to use at their cabin at family camp. There are lots of tutorials on-line, so look them up for details. I would suggest, though, that I spaced my lights too close to each other. Kind of an over-do, and too much work for the payoff. I did use a string of 100 mini-lights for these 6 letters, which almost filled them. The letters are just papier mache' store bought ones that were spray painted with the backs cut out. I must say, that makes this project sound easier and quicker that it was!

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