Sunday, September 29, 2013

Family Camp!

Every year for the past 4-5 years, the most highly anticipated group event of the year is Family Camp with our homeschool group. I just realized that I had put some family camp pictures on Facebook, but neglected to put any here for a more permanent record of the wonderfulness that is St. Margaret's Fellowship Family Camp. Camp is usually Friday afternoon through Monday morning over Labor Day at a small camp about 11/2 hours from our home.
The camp has a great heated and fenced pool, so even if it is windy or a little chilly, swimming is possible. Many happy hours are spent in the pool and the hot tub over the weekend. This year one family brought a classic inner tube, which was used constantly. Good addition to the family camp repertoire!
Cousin Piper and Brother Marshall came and spent an afternoon with us. (Piper , W, and Tess)
The young teens hung out. (Cecelia, Susanna, M, Ann, Maria, Danielle)
The littles hung out in our cabin and ran around. (Abbie, Hannah, W. and Elea)
We co-op meals with our G. friends. They did all the breakfasts this year, which made me very happy. Above: Girls eating breakfast Sun. morning before church. Below: Sampling of our yummy meals.

Every year we have a lovely worship service and Mass on Sunday morning, followed by a group picture. Everyone grumbles about the picture, but it is really great to have one each year.

There is a very loose schedule, but mostly it is about playing, talking, eating, swimming and relaxing.
Fathers S. and K. consult. 
The girls made t-shirt crafts this year. The braided headbands were a hit, and they had a little factory going on the last day to produce enough for all the bigger kids.
After the teens started sporting the headbands, the middle boys wanted some too.
L. and Friend Bret

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  1. Looking at the family camp pix makes me so nostalgic! It really is a highlight in so many ways and I am thankful for our years as cabin mates!